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Providing our nation's Coroners and Medical Examiners with high quality software and comprehensive customer support is the driving force behind CoronerBase.  Our highly talented and experienced engineers have designed and built a truly complete and well-conceived solution, the very design of which was guided by Coroner provided input to ensure that all of your needs have been met. Further, we continually use feature requests to refine our products, making them even more indispensable.  We won't be satisfied until CoronerBase is the de-facto standard for Coroner database software, with every Coroner and Medical Examiner in the USA having their needs truly met by using CoronerBase and our legendary customer service.
Here's how CoronerBase can help you...
Robust Case Record Management
Enter Case Records of any complexity quickly, and manage them with ease using robust and secure Case Record management capabilities.
Digital Photography & Scanning
With fully integrated digital photography & scanning, you can easily incorporate digital photographs & scanned documents directly into Case Records with a press of a button, and no third party software or separate modules to purchase.
Search Records However You Need To
Find anything quickly and easily using our robust and powerful search engine that you will find amazingly flexible and comprehensive.  CoronerBase's search capabilities allow you to search any combination of your choice of hundreds of fields with any criteria you specify, allow you to find any type of information or generate any kind of report you may need.
Generate Statistics Your Way
Robust statistics engine is not limited to "canned" (predefined) statistics that may or may not prove useful, but rather, it allows you to generate any kind of statistics from any data on the system... for analysis, annual reporting, behavioral profiling & trend discovery.
Sunshine Law & Subpoena Compliance
Quickly and easily comply with Sunshine Law requirements using Selective Database Replication that automates database copying of disclosable Case Records and related evidence.
Auto Error Correction For Accuracy
Improve efficiency and accuracy with SmartFields automatic data entry correction (which is more advanced than a spell checker), as well as other productivity features such as auto-complete and auto-list.  These features improve accuracy of data entry, and therefore improve the viability of any searches and statistics you can conceive.
Electronic Death Certificates
If your state uses electronic death certificate filing, CoronerBase can be changed by us to handle that seamlessly with the press of a button, without needing to manually re-type or copy information from one application to another.
Unified System Design
CoronerBase is one complete system that's unified as one integrated application, and not as separate modules.  CoronerBase's unified design brings all of the pieces together, allowing you to see the big picture, which can aid you in making faster determinations.
Comprehensive Reporting
Generate Coronerís Reports, Death Certificates & many other reports with just one click.  Generate customizable on-the-spot reports using our robust search engine to select any combination of criteria, offering you immense flexibility. Print to any printer, or export to Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and other distributable formats.
Simplify Annual Reports & Justify Budget
Creating the Coroner's Annual Report can take a lot of time.  Some Coroners report as much as two or three weeks.  CoronerBase can help you shred this time down dramatically by giving you immediate access to the data and statistics you ask it for.  Having accurate data at your fingertips also aids you in justifying budgetary needs by helping you demonstrate to county financiers the breadth, depth, and types of your county's cases.
Fully Automated Upgrades from Your Existing System
We provide automatic conversion from any other record keeping system at no additional cost to you, so you do not have to worry about making the transition to CoronerBase.
Fully Configurable & Well Documented
Every feature is carefully designed and documented to allow you to tweak, enable, or disable them. There are no hassles with features that work only the way someone else envisioned, since every feature is configurable, putting you in control of the technology you use.
Outstanding No-Cost Customer Support & FREE Tailoring Service
As with all of our products and services, customer & technical support is absolutely free.  You will not have to worry about paying hidden fees for getting your questions answered.  Plus, Ingenuware offers free tailoring service by taking feature and modification requests and making them available to every CoronerBase customer, at no additional cost to you whatsoever*!!
Flexible Pricing Options
CoronerBase is offered with various pricing options to make it affordable for any size county.  Pricing is available for single computer installations and unlimited multi-user installations, and government software leasing is available to spread out the cost out over several years, minimizing the impact on your budget and making it highly affordable.
CoronerBase Lite for Android & iOS 
(Development Pending Your Request)
Save time by entering data on the scene into your mobile computing device.  Please note that development of this "Lite" version will not begin until you, our customer, has specifically requested the development of such a version.
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